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restaura restaurant. three people are hit and we have new information about one of the victims. new details on boston's bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. new court documents are revealing the major injuries he suffered just as police took him into custody. plus the new admission he's now making. and good morning. welcome to 6:00. i'm alma in for kristen. >> you might notice behind us the bay bridge, lights are off on this western portion. we in the newsroom are trying to find out exactly why that is. at the moment, it doesn't seem to be affecting traffic very much. >> for now let's get a check on our weather with mike. >> thank you very much. good morning. let me get you updated on what's going on fire weatherwise. the northern mountains of our state and here some of the higher elevations arnold us. who's not in it? the santa clara valley. today until 11:00 this morning, santa cruz mountains, east bay
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hills, east bay valley, diablo range under the high fire threat. and then the north bay, you can see the mountains and the valley. that's where we'll have the high fire danger through at least 5:00 tomorrow afternoon as this storm system slowly shifts north the next 12 to 24 hours. here we are in the north. mendocino county, that's where the best radar returns are right now. a lot of the lightning strikes were offshore. nearly 15,000 between 10:00 and 2:00. right now everything's kind of quiet. let's go back in time and right off the san mateo county coast, you can see the lightning strikes and just how vivid and quickly they were popping. i mean, it was such a size. we could sit here just a second and watch a couple more. that's the best time is when they're offshore and move ago way because that way they don't have a chance to start any fires. we'll talk more about our chance and how long it's going to last in your accuweather seven-day forecast. first more news from eric.
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>> thank you very much. now, these lightning strikes we were just seeing caused firefighters and local residents to be on edge. as we mentioned, that red flag warning is still in effect. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in sausalito with more for us. amy? >> reporter: we're here in the north baywatching for more. take a look. it was an impressive show that mother nature put on. we captured some lightning strikes in the east bay and in san mateo. impressive and rare. lightning in august. and that was a concern for firefighters. there were no reports of fire, but firefighters were worried about that with the dry conditions out there. cal fire even brought in extra crews just in case. and they are still on alert. we still have the potential for more lightning, especially here in the north bay. so we will be keeping an eye out for it. you should, too, because it is impressive to see. the people keeping the closest eye on it are the firefighters.
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they say it's a little too dry and they want it keep it out over the water where it's nice and safe and away from the dry conditions that we're experiencing right now. live in sausalito, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. lightning strikes have sparked several fires across the state including this one. the fast-moving shirley fire is burning northeast of bake bakersfield. it's burned 500 acres and evacuations have been issued. firefighters have run into challenges fighting the fire since many resources have been deployed to other wildfires in the state. residents in butte county are being allowed to return to their homes this morning as firefighters get a handle on a wildfire burning south of chico. 2,000 acres have burned since the swedes fire started friday. one home has been destroyed along with several other buildings. the fire is now 45% contained. and a wildfire has shut down a main entrance into yosemite national park. it's off limits to drivers going
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in and out. the 800-acre fire has your honor abouted several structures and forced campground evacuations. authorities say to use highway 140 as an alternate route. abc 7 news viewers have been busy sending us their weather photos. this one is from maryann. it show s lightning at about 9:0 last night. this photo from leah banks shows us more lightning also last night. this shot is facing south. and this impressive picture comes from dee. this is in pacifica. thanks to everybody who submitted their photos. if you capture photos or video of lightning in the bay area, we'd love to see them. you can e-mail them or share the images with us at of course, we're on twitter at abc7newsbayarea. 6:04. let's look at your commute with leyla. >> yes, we did have an earlier
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sig alert. all lanes open. but we have a couple of accidents involving overturned vehicles. that one was also involving an overturned vehicle. a brand-new report right at tennisson road. and it sounds like the overturned car is onto the shoulder. lanes recall currently blocked. as you approach highway 92, if you need to grab the bridge, you might see slowing out there. a little farther to the south in fremont, we have this accident involving a big rig and another vehicle possibly that big rig is overturned, blocking the intersection of auto mall parkway and fremont boulevard. and so what you can do to get around this is use grimmer boulevard. otherwise if you need to make it between the nimitz and 680, you can always use mission boulevard to connect you. to the bay bridge toll plaza, here's a look at that. very busy drive. metering lights are on westbo d westbound. as we show a shot in just a moment, you'll see that the bay bridge lights are off as you make that approach into san francisco.
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so no word for it just yet. caltrans is on top of it. over to you. >> thank you. developing news, san jose police are investigating a triple shooting that's left one man dead. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night at a restaurant. police say the shooter fired from outside through the window. there were about 15 people inside the restaurant at the time. three people were hit. one man was killed. the other two are expected to survive. homicide investigators are still at the scene, and abc 7 news reporter matt keller will have more in a live report coming up in the next half hour. the man who died in a shootout after kidnapping a 16-year-old girl and killing her mother and brother have named a member of the victim's family as his life insurance been phishry. james dimaggio left $112,000 to the grandmother of hannah anderson. authorities think it may have been for the benefit of anderson. dimaggio lived with the grandmother for about two years. hannah anderson is skill recovering from her ordeal.
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we're learning new details this morning on boston marathon suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. in a new report released overnight, cnn now says the 20-year-old has admitted to taking part in the bombing. we're also learning that tsarnaev suffered multiple injuries before his capture in april. one of those injuries included a gunshot wound to his mouth. this is according to unsealed court documents released yesterday. a surgeon who treated tsarnaev testified a bullet entered his mouth, then exited the lower side of his face. it's not clear whether tsarnaev shot himself or if police shot him. new this morning, a majority of california voters support president obama's health care reform law. the new field poll shows 53% of california voters support the law. 38% are opposed. the field poll finds supporters largely along party lines with democrats in favor and republicans oppose. here in the bay area and in los angeles, voters support health care reform by a 2-1 margin. opposition is stronger in the inland areas of the state.
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new this morning, the san francisco fire department is taking a second look at its decision to ban helmet cams for its firefighters. that ban has been in place since 2009 but got new life when video from a firefighter's helmet at the asiana crash site resurfaced over the weekend. it showed footage right after the crash when a survivor was hit by a fire truck. the policy prohibits firefighters from recording emergencies without advance approval from the chief. though fire officials cite privacy concerns, they also say the footage has been useful to their investigation. and they'll consider making changes to the policy. it's time to find out if we're going to see more lightning today, mike. >> i don't think it will be a repeat of yesterday. yesterday was a pretty extraordinary event. we have a smaller chunk of energy coming around this area of low pressure. and i think it will produce less in the way of thunderstorms. but the threat is still out
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there. we've got to keep our guard up this time of the year because of that lightning. get you out the door, temperatures not quite as muggy and mild as they were yesterday. we have a lot of low to mid-60s. 60 at oakland. hayward, fremont, 61. 62 in san jose. san carlos, 64. san francisco, novato, santa rosa and half moon bay in the upper 60s. 63 in livermore. 65 in antioch. let's break down your day. the next 12 hours, we're going to have fog and low clouds through the morning commute. a little mist. and arrival delays into sfo. sunshine will break out by noon, but clouds will never go away. and you can cece a stray shower possible by 4:00. mid-70s around the bay. and about 64 at the coast. we're going back to school in petaluma today. 7:30, by 3:30, there's a light chance of a thunderstorm and temperature of 79.
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good luck, kids. here's leyla. >> this just in from fremont police to avoid auto mall parkway. if you're headed westbound, that's all due to a major injury accident involving a vehicle and a big rig. so the major cross streets auto mall parkway. again, those will be shut down for the next two to three hours. what you can do is use grimmer avenue. you can hop off at mission boulevard and get back on at the nimitz. 580, very busy. almost an hour from tracy to dublin. highway 4, 20 minutes. antioch to concord westbound, 101 san rafael to san francisco, sti still under 20 minutes. here's a look from san francisco side. you can see how the bay bridge lights have been turned off. for some reason they just shut off. that's on the upper deck. on the lower deck, they're completely out.
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very dark out there. caltrans is aware of it. they're trying to fix the problem now and we'll give you all the updates in just a little bit. >> it is strange to see. thank you. ahead, we'll update the condition of vice president joe biden's son who is now hospitalized. a deadly night on a southern california freeway. see the chain reaction. and the first family is a bit larger this morning. ahead, meet the new four-legged friend new now roaming the white house grounds. and live doppler 7 hd is continuing to track the threat of dry lightning. it is posing a fire danger and a red flag warning remains in effect.
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at 6:14, taking a life look at the bay bridge. you see those western lights are out. caltrans is aware of the problem. they are doing maintenance to get that fixed. one person is dead, at least nine injured after a massive chain-reaction crash in southern california. new video into the abc 7 newsroom overnight shows the scene in pomona. you can see the flames. the highway patrol says seven cars and a big rig were involved in the crash. drivers reported hearing explosions. the big rig was loaded with 60 gallons of diesel. the cause of the crash remains under investigation this morning. delaware's attorney general
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and the son of vice president joe bidden remains hospitalized this morning. doctors admitted beau biden into a houston hospital. they're now performing tests. biden began experiencing symptoms after driving to indiana for a family vacation. the white house says vice president joe biden is in houston with his son. this isn't the first health care for beau biden. the 44-year-old suffered a mild stroke in 2010. tesla says its model "s" sports sedan has the best safety rating of any car ever tested in the u.s. tesla announced it's received an unprecedented rating from the ntsb. tests including front, side crashes and rollover. it helps if the "s" has a heavy battery pack mounted low instead of a high-mounted combustible engine. tickets for the world cup are on sale. as of 3:00 a.m. soccer fans
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around the world areallowed to apply for tickets. they're as high as $990 for the final game. fans who apply today for tickets will have to wait until october to find out if they can actually get them. if demand outweighs supply, a random drawing will then take place. tickets for some games are already on sale including the opening match. there's a new member of the first family, the secret service will have to protect this morning. meet sunny. she's a portuguese water dog just like the obamas' other dog, 4-year-old bo. she was born in june of last year but just arrived at the white house yesterday and got right to work exploring the grounds. sunny and bo seem to get along okay. here's video released by the white house of the two of them playing. if you're furnding how she got her name, the first family says sunny fits because of her cheerful personality. so then where does bo come from? >> who knows? >> oh, well.
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6:16. mike nicco is here. spectacular light show yesterday. >> yeah, we appreciate everybody sending their photos in. in fact, here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see right there, everything is quiet right now. most of our radar returns are up across mendocino county. those are moving to the west out over the ocean. we should have a picture. a beautiful picture of a lightning strike. look at that forked lightning. we even have lightning dipping down and trying to go back up into the clouds. cloud-to-ground lightning and cloud-to-cloud lightning. thank you very much, craig. that is an awesome picture from south san francisco. we're sure appreciative. you can see, let's move on and talk about what's going on visibilitywise. 1.5 mile half moon bay. most of our reporting stations are doing okay, but the low clouds are creating arrival delays.
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nearly 1 hour and 9 minutes into sfo. oakland and san jose doing okay. you csee the late-arriving low clouds trying to traverse the hills. the beautiful pinks and yellows, some of the high clouds that are left over from yesterday's storms. we have a smaller chance of storms today and tomorrow. but the high fire danger will continue because of the threat of the dry thunderstorms. cooler highs, they're coming at us this weekend. let's talk about today's temperatures. pretty close to average. san jose, 84. a lot of low to mid-80s. upper 80s to near 90 in los gatos. all the way down to los altos. comfortable weather, millbrae and san mateo. along the coast, not bad. mid-60s. upper 60s to low 70s downtown. sausalito, all the way up to santa rosa. sonoma all these areas in the mid-70s to near 80. mid-60s along the coast. mid to upper 70s along the east
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bayshore. fremont at 80. upper 80s to low 90s. tonight's temperatures from 56 in santa rosa and half moon bay to 68 in antioch. of course, antioch being the exception. most of us in the upper 50s to low 60s. yesterday at this time we were watching that chunk of energy round this low around fresno and bakersfield. don't see that today. we have weaker waves. but even when they do roll through, a slight chance of a thunderstorm is possible today and again tomorrow. i do not think we'll see a repeat of last night. temperatures a little warmer thursday and friday and then cooler for the weekend. have a good one. here's leyla. >> we still are experiencing that light outage on the bay bridge on the lower deck. we have all lights out. and then on the western span as you head into san francisco, we have some bulbs out there as well. socal transis out there trying to figure out the cause. we also have a brand-new accident in san jose. reported this happened northbound 101 at old oakland road as you come up on the nimitz. we are looking at conditions with one lane blocked that's
6:20 am
going to cause a little pinch as you come away from 280/680. as we continue into fremont, we still have this injury accident that's going to block the western side, the westbound portion of auto mall parkway for the next two to three hours. over to you. 6:20 now. >> massive flames tear through a new jersey recycling plant overnight. take a look at this huge firefight. the big tool crews are using to help get the flames under control and what makes this scene so unique. coming up first, whether you're getting ready to send a student off to college or just live in a small apartment, consumer reports and 7 on your side reveal w starting at just 6 bucks. served on a toasted pretzel roll, our new bacon avocado chicken sandwich comes with fries and your choice of soup or salad. it's just one of chili's delicious lunch break combos. more life happens here.
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a beautiful look outside this morning from our camera. you see all those clouds. we'll have the latest on the forecast coming up. if you're getting ready to send your college student off to the dorms, you want to make sure he or she has all the comforts of home. that includes small appliances like many fridges and microwaves. >> consumer reports has partnered with 7 on your side to reveal the best buys for dorm rooms. here's michael finney. >> good morning, everyone. college students are gearing up to go back to school, and that means shopping for gear that can provide some of the comforts of home. now, "consumer reports" has a bunch of products that are getting top grade for any dorm
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room or student apartment. heading back to campus? navigating those back-to-school purchases can be overwhelming. jared and his dorm mates have it all figured out. >> microwaveable food is delicious. i recommend microwave and mini fridge especially with a freezer in it. >> reporter: consumer reports test hundreds of appliances and can help. >> it's nice to have some of the comforts of home when you when you're on your own. >> reporter: a mini fridge is a must. however, "consumer reports" has found that some compact from inges have trouble keeping their cool. but not this $220 frigidaire. then there's that must-have jolt of caffeine. how about a coffee pod machine? this nescafe sells for $130 and is top rated. >> this machine was quick to brew that all-important first cup of coffee and pods are easier. there are no messy coffee
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grounds to clean up. >> reporter: and its compact size is a real perk for small spaces. and this one's a little outside the box. a breakfast sandwich maker for hunger attacks whenever they hit. "consumer reports"' bernie dietrich checked out this $30 sandwich maker from hamilton beach. all you do is build your ingredients, press a button and minutes later, a nice egg sandwich. >> it's really convenient. it's a little slower than using the stone, but it makes a great sandwich. >> reporter: getting these small appliances can get you set up just like jared. so going away to college doesn't mean giving up all the comforts of home. and don't forget the microwave, but make sure you check the rules for your campus dorm to be sure they're allowed. some colleges ban appliances or set wattage limits. i'm michael finney. >> i want the sandwich maker. that would be perfect right about now. thousands of lightning strikes create quite the show across the bay area.
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>> take a look. ahead at 6:30, where the lightning could be seen, plus the fire danger that remains today. i'm matt keller live in east san jose where gunfire ripped through a restaurant overnight. full of customers and employees, killing one person and injuring two others. we'll tell you what police are looking at this morning that they hope will lead them to the killer. and weatherwise, the big story this morning, the low clouds and the mist that is out there. we'll talk about the chance of lightning and fire in the next 24 to 48 hours. and i'm leyla gulen in the traffic center. here's a look over towards the bay bridge. the lights are out on the lower deck. also on the western span as you head into san francisco. hopefully things will get fixed. we've got a new crash in san jose.
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it is coming right up on 6:30 on your tuesday morning. taking a live look from our hd camera. up on the roof. and it's looking good out there. but we may see more lightning today. >> good morning, everyone.
6:30 am
thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. first up a look at the weather forecast. >> we've been watching storms up in mendocino county. that's as close as we are this morning to seeing any lightning or thunder -- seeing lightning and hearing thunder but there's nothing showing up right now in that form. just light showers now. we broaden out, it's pretty quiet around our neighborhoods right now. let's go down to the south and west. 160 miles away from the bay area. that's where the best radar returns and lightning strikes are occurring right now. in fact, about 64 strikes over the last hour. let's take a look at what happened last night around san bruno. we've got a picture for you of some of the lightning. yeah. as it turned night into day briefly as it was sparking through there. we appreciate that. back to the maps real quick. i wanted to take you down to -- there we go -- to the fire weather watch. you can see all the areas in red. western slope. northern mountains.
6:31 am
our higher elevations not in the fire weather watch or the red flag warning. the higher elevations around the bay until 11:00. today this morning and up in the north bay till 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you. and with the thousands of lightning strikes overnight, the concern is heightened that sparks could strike quickly moving fires. amy hollyfield is live in sausalito with more. >> reporter: yeah, there is potential for more lightning, especially up here in the north bay. we will be keeping an eye out for it. here's more video of what we captured last night. it was an impressive show. we caught some strikes over the peninsula and the east bay. cool to watch but nerve-racking for firefighters who were worried the lightning could spark wildfires. cal fire even brought in extra crews to keep an eye out on things just in case. the fuel here in the area is very dry right now. fortunately the majority of the strikes happened over water. no fires were reported.
6:32 am
so at this point we can chalk it up as just an impressive light show. reporting live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now here's a look at more u-report photos sent to us by our viewers. mike tweeted this shot of a lightning strike from dublin looking towards san francisco. here's another bolt from san mateo county. this u-report pic is from viewer anthony saybold. we'd love to see them. you can e-mail us at or and of course we're on twitter at abc7newsbayarea. time to get a check on your traffic with leyla. >> it's been a bit of a mess today. we started off with the sig alert. that's canceled. we've got a brand-new crash in san jose. i was talking about this earlier. it's involving three to four we cans. and one lane is still blocked. and you can see the traffic that it has caused. northbound 101.
6:33 am
this is just before you get to the nimitz. we possibly have another crash reported just up ahead at brokaw. could be one and the same. but what we are looking at is a very slow drive out there. actually not 56 miles per hour. much slower with backups coming from tully road. you can always use 87 as an alternate. that could help you get around that a little better. as we take you into fremont, we still have this. westbound auto mall parkway is shut down right at fremont boulevard. a little closer to technology drive due to an injury accident there. that's involving possibly an overturned big rig as well. so for the next two to three hours use grimmer or mission boulevard. northbound 880, another overturned vehicle. this time it's over to the shoulder causing slowing there, but most of the traffic is in the southbound direction. over to you. >> thank you very much, leyla. just into the abc 7 newsroom, firefighters have made major progress overnight in that fire burning in butte county. cal fire says the swedes fire is now 75% contained and holding at
6:34 am
around 2,100 acres. evacuees were being allowed in late yesterday. only one home has been lost since the lightning-sparked fire broke out on friday. and happening now in new jersey, a huge fire at a metal recycling plant is still going more than ten hours after it started. the fire broke out in jersey city at one of the largest recycling plants in the world. crews and cranes are trying to move piles of scrap metal. the plant recycles about 4,000 tons of scrap each day. more now on developing news from the south bay where police are looking for the person who opened fire at a san jose restaurant, killing a man and wounding two others. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live near the scene. matt. >> reporter: eastbound traffic was blocked off early this morning. but it has since reopened. however, the parking lot behind me, you can see is still blocked off. the crime scene van is here. and investigators are processing
6:35 am
evidence outside the restaurant. police say the shooting happened just after 10:00 last night. it appears the shooter fired outside through the windows and wall. three people were hit. one man was rushed to the hospital where he died this morning. two others were hit in the leg and their injuries are not considered life threatening. >> right now reviewing some of the video footage and collecting evidence and processing the scene. >> reporter: police say about 15 people made up of patrons and employees were around when officers arrived. they were skber viinterviewed. police are still trying to figure out how many shooters were involved and also the motive behind the shooting. officers told me they expect to be out here until at least 8:00 this morning. this is san jose's 31st homicide of the year. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. 6:35 now. funeral services will be held this morning for a man who along with his 1-year-old son were
6:36 am
shot to death in oakland earlier this month. 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son, drew, were visiting family at a house on gormley avenue when someone shot through a bedroom window just before 3:00 a.m. on august 7th. family members say the two were from fresno, and they were in town for a funeral for a relative when they were shot. police have made no arrests in the killings. this morning deliberations are expected to continue in the marin county trial of an accused serial killer blamed for the deaths of four women. in closing statements, 79-year-old joe naso argued prosecutors did not prove that he was capable of killing four northern california women in the '70s and '90s. naso is acting as his own attorney. at the end of his statement, he had a letter slipped to the abc 7 news i-team. it details who naso says are other possible suspects. n naso faces the death penalty in convicted. marking the anniversary on the march on washington.
6:37 am
the events taking place. first, activists camped out for a month. but this morning they're no longer there. what led them to leave? and a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can still see that marine layer there. traffic and weather together are next as the
6:38 am
6:39 am
we're back. there's a little bit of mist out there. the clouds are really low.
6:40 am
so you might drive into some of that. you may need the windshield wipers once or twice. but it's not drizzle and it's not raining right now. the o-dot tonight, we still have seattle in town to take on the a's. 66 at 7:05. head across the bay and we'll talk about temperatures a little cooler around 64 degrees dropping down to 60. red sox and giants. looking around the state, most of the radar returns well to our north and rotating to the west away from us. that will be the best case for storms today and also in the sierra. we still have a slight chance here. but the better chance will be if you're headed to the high country. 82 in tahoe. 92 yosemite. 104 fresno. 110 in palm springs. very busy out there. 51 minutes will get you between tracy and dublin. your speeds pretty much between 20 and 30 miles per hour. it does start to thin out a little as you head into pleasantton, but then it backs up once again as you get closer to the dublin interchange.
6:41 am
as we head right into san jose, northbound 101 at old oakland road, you're just about 11 miles per hour in this area due to a four-car crash. one lane still remains blocked. metering lights on but the rest off both on the upper and lower decks. it looks like traffic moving smoothly, although a little bit slow. eric, ama, over to you. berkeley police have moved in to clear out an historic post office in downtown berkeley. officers didn't make any arrests. activists had been there fleher a month. the postal regulatory commission says it will consider an appeal by mayor tom bates. the building is listed on the national register of historic places. postal commissioners have until late november to decide the building's fate. 6:41 now. the nationwide effort fast food workers are making to get higher wages and how it could force you
6:42 am
to go elsewhere for your food fix. and trading is under way on wall street. here's a live look at the big board, down about 5 points, sitting at 15,005. ahead we'll go live to bloomberg's ellen brateman live. coming up first, the bay area event to mark
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coming up on a quarter to 7:00 on your tuesday. look at this. a beautiful shot from our cam at the sunrise. we are still under a red flag warning today. so do keep that in mind. happening today, oakland is hosting a series of events to mark next week's 50th anniversary of the march on washington. the march is where dr. martin luther king jr. delivered his famous "i have a dream" speech. there will be a rally at fruitvale b.a.r.t. tonight at 6:00. supporters will also take off on a bus tour and will stop in four cities to raise awareness of racial issues before landing in los angeles on saturday. this year's events will also pay tribute to trayvon martin who was shot and killed by george zimmerman last year. we are just a little more than a week from the five-day closure for the bay bridge to get ready for the opening of the new eastern span. b.a.r.t. says it will start running trains around the clock two days before the closure. trains will run every hour at the following station. embarcardero, powell street, 24th street, mission and sfo along with several other locations.
6:46 am
a.c. transit and san francisco bay ferry are also offering extra service. you'll find more information including the full list on under see it on tv. fast food workers in eight cities are calling for a nationwide walkout next week. the workers have held one-day strikes in cities such as new york, st. louis and detroit to protest low wages. they're calling for a $15 an hour wage and the right to form a union. organizers of the walkout say right now fast food workers are paid, on average, just under $9 an hour. workers from 35 cities nationwide are expected to take part in the walkout. >> bay area cities in our area are not expected to take part, at least not yet. san francisco-based gap makes a marketing bet on a fairly new site. >> and more americans are expected to hit the road this year for labor day. ellen brateman joins us now. good morning, ellen.
6:47 am
>> reporter: good morning. that's right. if you're going to be hitting the road or skies, do expect company. heavier traffic coming for labor day weekend. aaa predicting more than 29 million people will hit the road, and the sky is going to be busy with flyers up as well with total number traveling more than 34 million, the most since labor day weekend 2008. let's take a check what's happening in stocks as we get under way. we are pretty quiet for the benchmark averages. even though we had some of the big retailers, home depot, for example, talking about things being better than had been expected. let's look at the bloomberg silicon valley index. take a look what's happening. some very, very small gains at this hour. could we see two new iphone models as soon as next month? could be looking that way. "wall street journal" says apple has asked the assembler to begin shipping a new high-end as well as a new low-end phone in early
6:48 am
september. they now say what they thought was a gold-colored iphone may be more of an elegant champagne hue. we are expecting that event in early september. meantime, san francisco-based gap spending big bucks on its back-to-blue fall campaign. the retailer using pinterest, also tumblr to market clothing. gap bought up all the tumblr's mobile ad for an entire day. that day you'll see original content submitted by users sharing what blue means to them. that is business news. live at the new york stock exchange. ellen brateman, bloomberg news. >> ellen, thank you very much. we just got word on the lights on the bay bridge. they don't know why they went out. they're on sensors for when the sun comes up and goes down. if they're out again, they'll try to find out what caused it tonight. >> like christmas lights. one went out and the whole strand. >> just like that.
6:49 am
>> probably. >> one guy goes up there and screws one bulb in, they all come back on. >> hopefully it's that simple. good morning to you. >> good morning. lots of lightning yesterday. more today? >> a little bit. not as much as yesterday. we had 15,000 at one point between 10:00 and 2:00, but most of that was up over the ocean. you see napa. and this has just popped up in the last 30 minutes. a little built it of a radar re. it's going to go across and head up towards middleton if it holds together. it's about the only game in town. i want to show you this beautiful sunrise. that is just so different than what we're used to with those high clouds off in the distance from the storms yesterday. the low clouds now trying to push into the east bay hills. diablo off in the distance there. yeah, it's pretty cool. smaller chance of storms today and tomorrow. but the high fire danger will continue. it only takes one lightning strike to get that going. cooler highs. after a warming trend tomorrow and friday -- or i should say
6:50 am
thursday and friday. all right. belmont, san carlos, redwood city, atherton all serviced. yeah, it's your first-day forecast. 61 at 7:00 this morning. 7:30, about 79 with a slight chance of a thunderstorm as you head back home during the afternoon. good luck, kids. low to mid-80s in the south bay. upper 80s to near 90s in los gatos. eper into the santa clara valley. mid to upper 70s millbrae and san mateo. mid-60s along the coast today. upper 60s to low 70s downtown. south fran. mid-70s to 80 through the north bay valley. beaches, mid to upper 60s. oakland at 74. but fremont at 80. not quite as sticky in the east bay valley. upper 80s to low 90s. as far as temperatures tonight, they'll be comfortable. mid-50s at santa rosa. and half moon bay to upper 50s to low 60s. mid to upper 60s mifr more and
6:51 am
antioch. notice the difference. yesterday we were watching that chunk of energy around bakersfield and fresno. i knew it was going to rotate up towards us. today you don't see that energy. so the waves are weaker. consequently, the threat of thunderstorms is less. it's still out there. but the best chance is going to be in the sierra today and tomorrow. but we'll still have an isolated one today and possibly again tomorrow. especially across the north bay. you can see a little bit of a warming trend thursday and friday once this low finally moves away and a cooler sea breeze saturday, sunday and monday. >> where's clark griswold when you need him, right? he just needs to flip on that switch and then they all come on. maybe tonight we'll see what's going on with the bay bridge lights. right now sun's up so everyone can see their way around. what we do have, though, is plenty of traffic in san jose. good news, this crash has cleared, northbound 101 at old oakland road. still very heavy residual backups that extend well beyond
6:52 am
tully road as you head in the northbound direction. 11 will be your top speed. 87 could be a good alternate to get you up to the nimitz. our drive time traffic, 680 southbound from highway 4 to walnut creek, six minutes. 580 busy, 50 minutes from tracy to dublin. a quick live look outside. here's a picture of your golden gate bridge. lots of fog. might want to slow down your speeds. so far no problems out there. over to you. >> thank you so much. breaking news. author elmore leonard has died. the legendary writer's works have been turned into countless tv shows including get shorty, be cool, 52 pickup. he passed away from complications of a stroke. he was 87 years old. ahead, seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
6:54 am
as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning
6:55 am
merks," here are seven things to know before you go. number one is the weather. >> all right. we'll talk about -- we're going to talk about red flag warning here. let's pop it up. and the red flag warning continues until 11:00 this morning. for the santa cruz mountains, the east bay valleys, the east bay mountains. you can see what's not in it. we're talking about the santa clara valley. you can see the bayshore. san francisco and the coast. now, what you see through 5:00 will be up in the north bay. that will be our better chance for sthat slight thunderstorm threat tomorrow. >> thank you. number two, it was a spectacular show as lightning lit up the skies around the bay area yesterday. almost 15,000 strikes were recorded overnight. much of the lightning could be seen in san mateo, san bruno and over emeryville. >> one person died overnight following a shooting at a san jose restaurant. police say someone fired into that restaurant at around 10:00 last night. two other people were wounded. no word yet on suspects or a motive. >> number four, san francisco
6:56 am
fire department will reevaluate its policy against cameras on firefighters' helmets. video from the asiana crash was released by a firefighter over the weekend violating the department's four-year-old ban. officials say video has been helpful in the investigation. >> number five, new details this morning on boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. new court documents reveal tsarnaev was shot multiple times including once in the mouth before his capture in april. cnn now says the 20-year-old has admitted to taking part in the deadly bombing. >> number six, some of the lights on the western end of the bay bridge went out this morning. here's how it looked within the past hour. caltrans is not sure what led to that outage. >> and number seven also is on the lower deck as well. we'll see later on. but taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, busy conditions out there. road closure auto mall parkway due to an injury accident for the next three hours. a busy morning here. thank you so much for joining us. >> we continue online on twitter, facebook
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking now, brand-new fires burst across the west. erratic winds, spreading new firestorms from oregon to california right now. the dry, hot weather and lightning making it fierce on the fire lines. the vice president's son, beau biden hospitalized after an alarming finding on a family vacation. a growing medical mystery for the rising political star. and bad, joe biden, by his side this morning. real-life drama for dick van dyke. his car explodes into a fireball, seconds after he escapes thanks to a good samaritan. his thoughts this morning after he narrowly escaped. >> he yanked me out of the car.

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